Are you a non-profit 501c3? Post items you need and spread the word so the people and organizations you represent can benefit, too!

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We know it can be hard but dig deep and give our type of shopping a try. We want you to find what you need. The Storehouse is filled with Random Acts of Kindness items specifically donated to make a difference to YOU!

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Do you believe there is enough to go around for everyone? So do we! Snap a picture. Upload the photo. Provide a description. There, you're done with the hard part - your item now searchable in the Storehouse!

How It Works

Social Storehouse is a powerful Random Acts of Kindness network! You must first SIGN UP to donate or request items. Posts will run for 30 days. Random Acts of Kindness groups can sign-up one user. Social Storehouse charges $3 plus a $1 administration fee to cover expenses and deter unnecessary spam uploads.